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“The tanooki platform was great and a good fit for our show. Our loggers remained in the UK for a Caribbean shoot. Our editors got on well with the SmartEdit. This enabled the same experience either at home or in facility. The best remote system I’ve used so far. Asking a team to use a new system, particularly on a new format, is always slightly daunting, but we all found tanooki simple to use.”

Ben Wilson - Series Editor

The Fortune Hotel - Tuesday’s Child - ITV

“Our team have been using tanooki primarily for dailies and logging during our shoot – it’s been a simple process and allowed the team to view and collaborate on footage as it is coming in. The fluid timeline player is a key advantage as it allows streamlined viewing of multiple synchronised sources that are running across long filming periods. We’ve also made use of the reviewing platform once in the edit so all our exports can stay in one place for clearer edit tracking.”

Matt Bridger - Production Manager

Purple Productions

“tanooki is incredibly user-friendly, clearly created by people who understand the needs of content makers. The live streaming of the edit suite during video conferences is exceptionally helpful, offering excellent picture quality. Since I’m always on a deadline, tanooki’s ability to save time by eliminating the hassle of switching between applications… Real-time approvals are the next best thing to working together in person.”

Phil Churchward - Showrunner

The Grand Tour - Expectation Entertainment - Amazon Prime Video

“tanooki’s collaboration tools have been invaluable in supporting how our edit teams work. We are a regional production, with editors and producers often working in a hybrid manner between our office and their own homes meaning that we have been able to work more flexibly & efficiently than with standard post production platforms.”

Mark Baralos

Saving Lives in Cardiff - Label1 - BBC Two/ BBC Wales

“I have been seriously impressed with tanooki. The system works seamlessly with remote working with almost zero lag. This has enabled my teams to incorporate the much desired hybrid working practice which can sometimes be the difference between hiring the best teams for the job or not. The ease in which the direct to edit function speeds up importing music and VO is brilliant for a fast work flow, and the export and viewing system also makes viewing cuts hassle free.”

David Sutton - Executive Producer

Snow Going Back: Comic Relief vs The Artic - Shine TV - BBC One

“As a cheerleader of the digital first content sector I can see tanooki helping a new breed of creators and studios to collaborate more effectively. Plus they are dedicated to ushering in a new generation of post experts. Win win!”

Justin Crosby


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