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Upload your cuts. Create in-app review teams and password protected ‘public links’ to quickly share content with selected stakeholders, avoiding unsecure email chains.

Whats included?

All your tools in one place.

Review teams

Create in-app review teams to quickly share selected content with your team.

Public links

Create password protected links with expiration times/dates for collaborators outside of your team or tanooki.

Multi devices

Review on laptop, tablet or mobile. If permitted, download for offline review.

Color accurate

Color accurate collaborative review in astounding quality using HLS.


Select your choice of watermarking, choose to burn in visible watermarking into your uploaded file or protect your file based content with real-time dynamic watermarking at source, featuring IP address, name, date and project titles, unique to each participant.

Media logging

Log your content with keywords and hotkeys with just a web browser. Export timecode locked logs in an edit friendly format, including Avid Media Composer markers or ScriptSync. Supported file formats include; JSON, XML, TXT, PDF, DOCX, AVID & SCRIPTSYNC


Track full and partial reviews of uploaded content. Tailored reporting for Enterprise & Integration plans.

Filter search

Find your content quickly, using tanooki’s advanced search/filter options.

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