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Access Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere or Black Magic Resolve via SmartEdit, avoiding multiple logins to external applications. Integrate your workstation/s and storage, or request partner-hosted virtual workstations.

What's included?

All your tools in one place.

Virtual post

Connect your edit workstations with tanooki from anywhere, to create a collaborative virtual editing environment. Or request virtual edit workstations with associated storage, from any integrated partner, for any size of project.

Live edit streaming

Use tanooki’s streaming plugin to allow your editor to present Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere output directly into a collaborative video conference with minimal latency. Whether working with offline or online content, choose the quality you would like to stream your content at.

Avid in the cloud

Connect to Avid Post Production environments in the cloud via tanooki. Simplify user access and upload content to Avid NEXIS using our Direct-to-Edit tool.


Integrate your company’s tech stack, including storage, to enhance content security, simplify user access & drive productivity efficiencies.

Direct to edit

Move files directly between your local drive and your tanooki integrated edit storage/workspace.

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