Single & multicam shoots

tanooki logging

Log single and multicam shoots from any location. No internet? Work offline and your logs will automatically sync back to your video next time you’re online. Export back into any edit timeline in the file format of your choice.

What's included?

All your tools in one place.


Create logs offline with tanooki’s desktop app. tanooki will automatically synchronise when you reconnect.

Media logging

Log your content with keywords and hotkeys with just a web browser. Export timecode locked logs in an edit friendly format, including Avid Media Composer markers or ScriptSync. Supported file formats include; JSON, XML, TXT, PDF, DOCX, AVID & SCRIPTSYNC

Pre record

Log both live and pre recorded content.

Desktop app

Live and offline multicam or single camera logging even when you’re far away from an internet connection. Sync back with tanooki as soon as you’re back online.

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